Details missing plane


New details about the missing Malaysian airliner

March 16. In the case of the plane of the Malaysian airline that disappeared 8 days ago "Malaysia Airlines"New details appeared, which, nevertheless, do not reveal the whole picture of what happened.

Recall that the aircraft Boeing 777-200 8 March disappeared, and until now all the circumstances of this case have not been completely disclosed, but according to unconfirmed reports, the plane still remained in the air for 45 minutes, after which it disappeared even on military radar.

Nevertheless, it is worth considering the fact that, if you believe the satellite data, the fuel control sensors sent information around 7 hours, after which the signal disappeared from them, and therefore you can safely make a statement that the airliner is most likely where has landed, and therefore, the most current version at the current moment is the hijacking of an airplane. 

If we consider the situation from the other side, then the question arises as to why the airbrush was not detected by other radars and transponders. In fact, at the current moment there are more questions about the mysterious loss of the aircraft than answers, and therefore, the case can be considered still far from being closed, especially given the fact that the aircraft has not yet been detected