Rocket crash


Something seriously prevented the new US airstrikes on Syria - there is an assumption that Russian weapons

New US strikes on Syria turned out to be completely useless - Russia could prevent them.

After a day ago, US Air Force fighters launched a series of powerful missile and bomb attacks on an Iranian military base in Syria on the border with Iraq, it became known that in reality, the damage from the US air raid is minimal. Judging by the fact that the fighters managed to destroy only the checkpoint and the mobile trailer, something very seriously interfered with the American military, and, apparently, we are talking about Russian systems.

In the photographs presented, you can see that there is virtually no damage to the Iranian military facility - of the serious damage, only the destroyed trailer, which was rather damaged by debris. At the moment, satellite images do not allow assessing the real damage, however, given the fact that the Iranian forces themselves have published photographs of the damage received, those are minimal.

Apparently, the American missiles and satellite-guided bombs were provided with powerful interference, moreover, both Iran itself could do this, since Iranian electronic countermeasures are located in Syria, and Russian complexes, especially given the information that appeared in the Syrian media about that the Russian side was notified of the US strikes a few minutes before they were actually delivered.

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday, February 26, that Washington did not inform Moscow of its plan to launch new raids in eastern Syria, having done so only a few minutes before the attack. At a joint press conference held in Moscow with his Afghan counterpart Muhammad Hanif Atmar, he added that his country is in constant contact with Damascus regarding the recent US raids, and stressed that “the Russian military received notification from the American side about new raids just four to five minutes before they start. " "Even if we talk about the usual measures to prevent clashes in relations between the Russian and American military," he said, "such a notification that comes along with the strike is not helpful."- сообщает Syrian edition "Zaitun".

It should be noted that the Russian side is categorically against any US aggression against Syria, even despite the existing disagreements with Iran on the territory of the Arab republic.

It is known that earlier at the airbase in the city of Kamyshly there was a Russian complex "Krasukha-4", which could well deflect American bombs and missiles from their targets at a safe distance.

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We didn’t have time to send the submarines.

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If you served in the electronic warfare troops, you would not write like this

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and such a weather in mytishchi in February?

The damage is minimal because all these missiles exploded by only 10%. And no EW means prevented them.

Why they can't - they can. Watch the video on YouTube as two hackers, by altering gps signals, knock down the course of a yacht on autopilot.

They will attack in the summer, with the beginning of the exercises.

And in the photo there is a ground-to-ground missile "Tochka"

The very fact that the United States can strike anywhere and anytime means that we have nothing to oppose to them. We are afraid to remove even the dam for the Crimean water.

And the Iranians have their own radio-electronic warfare means ???
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And with what forces did the US Armed Forces attack the Iranian construction trailer?

Such a trailer and trees are on the construction site in Mitishchi. And if you look at the photo, you can see the Russian nature, not the Middle East. But on another channel (from the satellite) they showed the site before and after the impact.

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