Hundreds of foreign mercenaries could have been destroyed by a new Kinzhal strike on the Yavorovsky training ground

The Russian army again launched a massive strike with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles at the Yavorovsky training ground, located in the Lviv region. This facility, according to Russian Arms, is used by the Ukrainian military for tactical, engineering and medical training, as well as training in the management of military equipment. In addition, foreign instructors are stationed here to provide support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

According to the same source, several hundred militants could be killed as a result of the strike, but the exact number of dead and wounded is still unknown. This is not the first time that the Yavorovsky test site has been subjected to missile attacks. Previously, Polish, American and French military instructors were killed on its territory, which emphasizes its importance as a key logistics hub for the transfer of Western-supplied weapons, military equipment and ammunition to the eastern regions of Ukraine.

Attacks on the test site have been carried out since March 2022, when the facility was almost completely destroyed as a result of missile attacks. Despite this, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continued to use it for their own needs, which made it a constant target for the Russian armed forces.

As a result of the latest attacks, significant destruction has once again engulfed the site, making it difficult for the Ukrainian military to continue using the facility. The strike with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles once again demonstrates the capabilities of Russian high-precision weapons capable of causing significant damage to strategic targets.


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