Snatch Airport in Beijing


The new airport in Beijing compared to the female genital organs

Publication of three-dimensional model of the new Beijing International Airport alarmed Chinese Internet users - many of the building compared to the female sexual organ.

The development of the airport project worked Zaha Hadid recently deceased. terminal project was presented to the audience a year ago, but the association with the area below the waist in humans appeared only now, after the presentation of three-dimensional model.

Joke of the vagina has gone beyond the borders of the Chinese Internet, and gained notoriety among English-speaking users.

feminine charms Airport

The opening of the new airport in the south of Beijing is scheduled for 2019 year. It is located in 46 km from the center of the capital of China. According to the plan, the capacity of the new air terminal will be 7,5 million people a year - according to world media.

Zaha Hadid - woman architect. So: I am engaged in the project, recently passed away.