New US President bans the sale of F-35 fighters to the UAE - the UAE has returned to the Su-35

Biden gave Russia the opportunity to sell the Su-35 fighters to the UAE.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump approved a deal to sell fifth-generation F-35 fighters and MQ-9 drones to the UAE, the new American leader canceled the deal, thereby returning the UAE to negotiations with Russia on the purchase of Russian combat aircraft. most likely, it is about the Su-35 fighters.

The UAE expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the actions of Washington, and will most likely refuse further negotiations with the United States on the supply of these weapons due to the constantly changing position of Washington, acquiring a batch of Russian Su-35s with the same funds, and, quite obviously, even Su fighters -57.

What exactly the actions of American President Joe Biden are connected with is unknown, however, analysts are already threatening the United States with the loss of one of its largest allies in the Middle East, which will further weaken Washington's position in this region, not to mention that the US ally will switch to using Russian fighters, and also, very likely, in the near future, the UAE can acquire a batch of Russian S-400s, since this country is satisfied with Russian air defense systems.

there is someone to buy the Su35 without the UAE. And fu35 did not stand next to OUR plane, not to mention 57

First, it did not ban, but temporarily suspended
Secondly, the Arabs do not even think about buying any Russian planes.

May they never buy su-35)