New record: In February, more than 1200 gliding bombs arrived at Ukrainian positions

February of this year was marked by a significant increase in the use of gliding bombs by the Russian military, reaching a record number of more than 1200 units from the 1st to the 26th. Particularly intensive use of these munitions was recorded in the middle of the month, when 151 high-explosive air bombs were dropped on the positions of Ukrainian formations in one day, 94 of which fell on the Avdiivka area.

The effectiveness of the use of gliding bombs has become a significant factor during the special military operation, since the Ukrainian side is experiencing difficulties in finding effective means of protection against such attacks. The Russian Armed Forces, dropping up to eight FABs per hour, demonstrate high accuracy in hitting targets, even reaching enemy shelters underground.

Russian high-explosive bombs with planning and correction systems are an analogue of American JDAMs. This allows launches to be carried out at a considerable distance from the target, eliminating the risk of falling into the affected area of ​​enemy air defense systems.


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