The new flight links Neryungri - Yekaterinburg - Moscow


The new flight links Neryungri - Yekaterinburg - Moscow

06 March 2014. Soon the air carrier "Ural airlines"Will launch a new flight links Nerungri - Ekaterinburg - Moscow, and back. The air carrier's clients will be able to use this flight in the very near future - from May to October of this year. This information was provided by the airline's press service.

The flight from Neryungri to Moscow will be carried out every Tuesday, and back - every Monday.

It should be noted that tickets for this flight can already be found on the free sale. Their cost is as follows: a flight from Moscow to Neryungri will cost the airline's customers more than 15000 rubles, but from Yekaterinburg to Neryungri - from 13 rubles. You can book in advance plane tickets from the capital for subsidized transportation.

In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that the above cost of tickets for the flight is not final, and fuel and some other fees will be charged separately.

Recall that flights from Yakutsk to Ekaterinburg are performed every summer, but flights from Neryungri to the Ural capital this year will be launched for the first time.


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