Aircraft carrier Varan


New Russian aircraft carrier Varan may receive Su-57 fighters and Okhotnik UAVs

The Russian aircraft carrier Varan can be armed with Su-57 fighters and Hunter strike drones.

The latest development of the Nevskoye Design Bureau JSC in the form of the Varan universal maritime complex, which is essentially a light aircraft-carrying ship, can be armed with sea-based Su-57 fighters and Okhotnik attack unmanned aerial vehicles.

According to information at the disposal of the information and news agency, the development of the "Varan" provides for the use of fifth-generation Su-57 fighters on its deck. We are talking about a carrier-based version of this combat aircraft, which, it is argued, could appear as early as 2025. As for heavy drones "Hunter", then with the use of the latter problems should not arise.

Arming Varan with fifth-generation fighters and Okhotnik attack drones will significantly increase the combat capabilities of this Russian ship, especially considering the fact that the armament of a drone and a Su-57 fighter can be used to strike both sea and ground targets.

It is not known exactly when it is planned to implement the project of the Russian "Varan", however, experts draw attention to the fact that we are talking about actually a new class of naval equipment.

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