Prime Minister of Israel


New blow to Syria was caused by Netanyahu’s personal order

Netanyahu hinted: it was Israel that struck in Syria.

The Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, made an unequivocal hint that on the night of Friday, 14 of June, it was the Israeli Air Force that had bombed military facilities in Syria.

During a speech at the ceremony commemorating the fourth President of the State of Israel, Ephraim Qatsir, at the Cemetery of Rehovot, Netanyahu said:

“The series of tests on our way does not stop. We not only give a decisive rebuff to any attacks of the enemy, but also anticipate his strikes. Acting firmly and relentlessly, we do not allow the enemy to create a bridgehead for an attack near our borders. ”.

Further, the Prime Minister said that the Israeli air force had launched a rocket attack at night on military targets located in the Syrian province of Tel al-Hara.

Arab information sources claim that the strike was inflicted by the Israeli air force. At the same time used aircraft F-16. From the additional message, it follows that at first Israel blinded the Syrian air defenses, following the actions to ensure electronic security, and only after that the missiles were launched.

The province of Tel al-Hara is one of the three Syrian sites that make up the "triangle of death." So called one of the highest hills in Syria, which is considered one of the main positions in exercising control over the territory bordering Israel.

Earlier on the hill was the base of the radio intelligence intelligence of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. The base was a joint object of the GRU and the Syrian army.

In 2015, the item was captured by the Jabhat al-Nusra militants. Bashar Assad's army regained control of this place in 2018. There is information that currently on the hill are the intelligence capabilities of the Assad army. Relatively recently, the Iranian military began to show activity in this territory. Probably because of this, Israel conducted a military operation to destroy the intelligence base.

Basharka's intelligence unit was crushed. Despite the Russian "color".