A new strike with 12 Himars missiles at once was caught on video

The video was hit immediately by 12 M31A1 HIMARS MLRS missiles.

M142 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, for the first time since being deployed in the NVO zone, delivered massive strikes. As it became known, American systems simultaneously fired 12 M31A1 heavy missiles at once, and as evidence of this, a corresponding video was published, which captured the moment of the simultaneous launch of 12 missiles.

On the presented video frames you can see the first of its kind massive strikes with heavy MLRS M142 HIMARS. Each of the launchers launched a full ammunition load of 6 missiles, while, judging by a number of data, four targets were selected in total, however, the sources do not report what specific targets are in question. However, a massive strike using these weapons almost certainly caused significant damage.

Among other things, experts drew attention to an important fact - missile launches are carried out directly from the highway, which indicates that immediately after firing off the ammunition, the vehicles moved to the next point in order to avoid their detection and subsequent destruction. Given the speed of the rocket and the frequency of launches, by the time the targets were hit, the M142 HIMARS systems should have already moved to a safe distance, which is perhaps the most important tactical advantage of this weapon.