Military exercises


A knife from the back? Belarus announces military exercises with NATO on border with Russia

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced a joint military exercise with NATO ... against Russia.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus made a statement in which he announced his intentions to conduct military exercises in conjunction with the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), emphasizing that the exercises themselves have already been agreed and the negotiations are only related to a discussion of their format. Much more questions are raised by the fact against whom the testing of military operations will be directed, since taking into account the fact that one side will be represented by NATO, Russia can become an adversary.

“Belarus is ready for joint exercises with NATO, even negotiations are underway on possible formats. But this is under the condition that NATO will understand: our strategic ally is Russia ”- said Oleg Belokonev.

What exactly the parties plan to work out as part of the planned exercises is unknown, however, given the fact that one of the most important Russian allies in this region conducts exercises without coordinating this issue with Moscow, this could mean a serious cooling of relations between Russia and Belarus.

It should be clarified that the Kremlin has not yet responded to the statement of the head of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, however, the behavior of official Minsk was associated with failed negotiations on integration issues.

Specialists, in turn, draw attention to the fact that such behavior of Minsk is very dangerous for the national security of Russia, since the border between Belarus and Moscow is only a few hundred kilometers away.

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A long stay in power leads to insanity and brain degradation. This elderly senile will bring Belarus to Zugunder.

Let's play with Lukashenko until he leaves us. We have a fifth column, which is looking for a reason to break off relations with Belarus: either milk is not right, then cheese is not that, then apples are not the same. So all this is presented to our president. But this is the only country that could be a better ally. It is necessary to be friends mutually beneficial, and not look for reasons for the deterioration of relations.

Yes, everything is simple, in the 20 year, the elections in Belarus, it seems their president was tired of them, since the 94 year, where to find support? Right to Uncle Sam’s “boobs” ..

Lukashenko will play around, but will run away to Russia, like Yanukovych.

Another "success" of foreign policy of GDP ...

This is so, KAZAK, Everyone got used to give Russia and whoever gives Russia is nobody, but we must live like Ukrainians: I’ll bite so that no one else ate. And Lukashenko will still regret these teachings.

Russia has NO allies except the Army and Navy! The Tsar knew what he was saying.

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Lately it has been tearing up more and more often to see such stuffing on the Internet. Someone like dreaming that Russia and Belarus quarreled.

And all people naively think that Russia is hearing about this for the first time. Belarus has long been under Russia, every step agreed

Empty chatter, there will be no teachings, just insanity grows stronger.

Gee-gee-gee! Well, that happened! The "brothers" began their blackmail and direct betrayal! Someone doubted this? I never! Well, well, they will drink their bitter cup ...


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Madame, if Belarus is a foreign country to you, then you are a foreign to us.

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They have the right as an independent state. They are very scared when such a monster as a scatter at its side, while the monster is inadequate.

Watch what you write. This was not said by Alexander 1, but the third.

if not Belarus then Africa. Cuba is who our true friends are. they are not strange they just ask and we give.

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In Soviet times, Yugoslavia also conducted exercises with NATO. Did not save.

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I don’t believe it, isn’t Lukashenko "crazy" maybe a fake?
We will see.

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Luke is completely crazy !! It's time to change it. However, our "special services" only know how to steal loot, engage in raiding and protect business. Belarus will soon join NATO. Everything goes to this. It’s good that for free they didn’t give the planes "to protect the allied borders from NATO!" )))

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The country is occupied. Everything is exported abroad to the owners - money, brains, resources ... The country is ruled by the same lackeys of the State Department, IMF, the "family" of drunks, oligarchs as in 90's, 0's ...
And you want to drive the Belarusians here ... Hold on to the Old Man.

It goes beyond common sense. Teachings with NATO, then no gas, oil or other concessions. Did Lukashenko get it !? He sat there - the chairman of the collective farm.

Belarus is a strange “ally” —they are “friends” only when it is beneficial to them: if Russia gives low prices for gas, oil or some other kind of conference, Belarus recalls that we have a “union state”, we are “brothers”, but if that it’s not theirs that they immediately threaten to raise transit tariffs and talk with Europe, the USA or someone else. There are no friends in Russia, you need to develop yourself and be a strong country, as Alexander 1 said Russia has 2 a friend: “Arnia and the Navy!”