NYT: 12 US secret bases have been created on the territory of Ukraine

According to information published by the New York Times, the United States of America has created 12 secret bases on the territory of Ukraine, along the border with Russia. These activities began eight years before the current conflict and continued throughout, underscoring the United States' long-term strategy in the region. From these bases, often located in underground bunkers, they monitored Russian broadcasts and, more recently, also controlled the kamikaze drones actively used by Ukraine.

The article highlights the role of the CIA and other US intelligence agencies in providing intelligence for targeted missile strikes, tracking Russian troop movements and supporting spy networks.

Particular attention in the article is paid to the CIA’s preparation of the Ukrainian “Detachment 2245,” which specialized in intercepting drones and communications equipment for subsequent analysis and hacking. There is also mention of Kirill Budanov (listed as an extremist and terrorist), the current head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, as one of the officers of this unit.

An important part of the cooperation was the training of a new generation of Ukrainian spies operating not only inside Russia, but throughout Europe, as well as in Cuba and other regions.


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