NYT: Dozens of American mercenaries and officers are involved in hostilities in Ukraine

There are about a hundred American mercenaries and US officers in Ukraine.

American mercenaries are actively recruited to participate in hostilities on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to The New York Times, there are a large number of American mercenaries in Ukraine, of which dozens of mercenaries, including former US Army officers, are located on the front lines.

According to the American publication, there are no active US military personnel in Ukraine - about 150 military instructors from the ranks of the US Armed Forces who were in this country were withdrawn from Ukraine in the first weeks after the start of the JMD. However, US mercenaries from among former US military personnel are actively sent to Ukraine - this is funded by a number of companies and individuals.

“In Ukraine, where the United States avoids sending any troops, the instructors are civilian volunteers supported by online donations and working entirely on their own. "That's why I became a Green Beret," said Perry Blackburn Jr., a retired Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel who spent 34 years in uniform in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Somalia and Jordan. Now he is in Ukraine as a civilian and doing what he once did in the army: training local forces. Whether this new type of crowdfunded military support is reasonable is a matter of debate. Some experts warn that the presence of American volunteers could lead to a tragic accident that would drag the United States into a Vietnam-style escalation. Russia says it will treat volunteer fighters as mercenaries and that if captured, they could be executed. The United States is discouraging Americans from participating in the conflict. Washington has withdrawn 150 military instructors and now relies on several dozen commandos from other NATO countries to coordinate the flow of weapons inside Ukraine.”, according to the American edition of The New York Times.

At the same time, it is also known about the losses among American citizens who have declared to participate in hostilities on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In particular, as journalists managed to find out, since the beginning of the SVO, two American mercenaries have died in Ukraine, two more are in captivity, contact has been lost with one of the mercenaries, and another 21 people have been evacuated after receiving varying degrees of injury.