Explosion at sea


NZIV: five people were killed in a nuclear explosion in northern Russia

The media reported an explosion of a Russian nuclear missile in northern Russia.

The emergence of information that the explosion in Nyonoks was caused by tests of a Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant does not correspond to reality. According to the NZIV publication, no tests were carried out at that moment, and the explosion itself occurred while trying to lift an unexploded missile from the bottom of the sea.

“There were no explosions related to the liquid fuel engine, as the Russians claimed, and explosions in the Burevestnik nuclear reactor, designed for the cruise missile that they originally thought about (USA - ed.). The accident was caused by attempts to lift a rocket from the seabed that fell during tests last year, and a nuclear reaction began that caused an explosion. For almost a year the Russians had been waiting for an attempt to rise, although a working nuclear reactor was not far from the village. ”- reports the Israeli news publication "Nziv»

It should be clarified that such a version has already been actively discussed by Russian experts and specialists, however, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation continue to adhere to the version that the explosion was caused by tests of a liquid power plant.