UAE threatens US to buy Russian Su-57 for billions of dollars

The UAE wants to become the country with the largest number of Su-57 fighters.

Against the background of how the United States announced its intentions to break the deal with the UAE for the supply of F-35 fighters to this country, the United Arab Emirates threatened Washington with irreparable consequences - the purchase of several dozen Russian Su-57 fighters - we can talk about a deal worth several billion dollars.

At the moment it is known that the UAE is planning to adopt about 40-50 fifth-generation fighters, however, given the fact that Russia may well offer the United Arab Emirates the most favorable conditions as one of the main consumers of Russian weapons, it may well go about a hundred Su-57 fighters, especially since the United States had previously announced its readiness to withdraw its Air Force from the UAE.

“We would prefer to have the best American equipment, or we will be reluctant to get it from other sources, even if it is less efficient. It is about moving towards a more stable and secure Middle East. This will allow the UAE to shoulder most of the regional collective security burden, freeing up US assets to address other global issues, a priority for both American parties. "- said the UAE Ambassador to the United States, Yousef al-Otaiba.

Earlier, the UAE considered the possibility of acquiring Russian Su-35 fighters, which does not exclude the likelihood that instead of drones, the UAE may well acquire Russian 4 ++ generation combat aircraft, thereby greatly strengthening its air force.