United Aircraft Corporation (UAC)


UAC, MiG and Sukhoi will soon merge into a single company

The management of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has come to a decision to merge three large Russian aircraft building companies. The details of the merger by merging two large companies will be submitted for consideration at the general shareholders meeting in January next year.

The event has already been announced on the official website of the UAC. The upcoming merger of UAC, RSK MiG and Sukhoi has been announced. The process of decentralizing the leadership of the three companies has already started. The governing powers of Sukhoi were transferred to RSK MiG, which transferred the management rights to the United Aircraft Corporation.

The head of the UAC, Yuri Slyusar, considers the upcoming merger to be an important event for the national aviation. He noted that such a reorganization would give a powerful impetus to the Russian aircraft industry.

At the same time, the number of management levels will be reduced, which will optimize the organizational structure of the industry and reduce production costs.

In the spring of this year, personnel changes took place in the UAC leadership. The place of Anatoly Serdyukov, who previously headed the board of directors, was taken by the head of RosTech, Sergei Chemezov.

Russian experts have different views on such a merger. Among their opinions, there is also the possibility of unpleasant consequences associated with the lack of competition between various design bureaus and design schools as such.

it will turn out the same as with medicine throughout RUSSIA

Stupidly there is not enough money for all this breakthrough ...

While these corporations operate separately, they create the best aircraft in the world. It was not for nothing that there were several design bureaus in the USSR. The tacit competition between them made it possible to build the world's best fighters. In my opinion, the combination of "Sukhoi" and "MIG" will lead to the death of this unique experience, to the stagnation and destruction of our school of aircraft construction. In my opinion, this is all done in order to save on financing. In my opinion, this is another step towards the collapse of our aviation.

Don't be naive: no one makes mistakes, they destroy everything on purpose!

Okay, there will be more models ...

Can't see anything good between KB merges. They always had competition with each other, a kind of struggle, which reflected well on the quality of technology in our aviation. It's not even a matter of competition, it happened like this: this design bureau was instructed to make a front-line fighter, this attack aircraft, this bomber, and this one a military transport aircraft. Design bureaus were loaded with work, the country received high samples of flight equipment.
And now they will mix and as a result there will be one Sukhoi, probably nothing will remain of the MiG and the MiG technologies will be transferred to Sukhoi.

No wonder the ancestors said that the best is the enemy of the good. While it is working - do not touch it!

They also decided to finish off the military aviation.