Fighter F-35


The wreckage of the F-35 crashed in the Mediterranean Sea was stolen by an unknown country

The wreckage of a crashed British F-35 fighter jet has disappeared in the Mediterranean.

Attempts by the British military to extract from the water the wreckage of the crashed F-35 fighter ended in a very serious scandal - when diving to the depth of an unmanned underwater vehicle, it turned out that most of the wreckage simply disappeared by unknown means. Earlier there was information that a Russian submarine of the Varshavyanka project, which has a low radar signature, could have moved into this area.

It is known that the British military scanned the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea within a radius of one nautical mile, however, it was not possible to find the wreckage of the crashed F-35 fighter. Small fragments are found close to the crash site of the fifth generation combat aircraft, but large elements of the fuselage, including onboard systems, flight recorders and weapons have simply disappeared.

At the moment, it remains unknown which country could take possession of the wreckage of a British combat aircraft, but this threatens London with a very serious scandal, since both Russia and Turkey could well have gained access to the wreckage of the fighter, although officially the Russian side did not show any interest in this fact, since the technology of the F-35 fighter has already been disclosed.

He is, as it were, invisible. Therefore, they did not find it.

The British have forgotten PETROV AND BASHIROV, they must have done it. The Mi-6s know, but so far they are silent.

The wreckage has been stolen by the Chinese, and they are forever wandering around the Mediterranean in search of treasures. So we stumbled upon the wreckage.

The boat covered itself with an airplane and also became invisible! We've always done this before ...

It will be fun if this country becomes Iran.

Who needs this F-35? There is little copper, aluminum, titanium. Gold - if only in electronics.
Blades from engine turbines made of very refractory metal - they are not accepted at the usual purchase of metals. So the extraction did not pay off.

Are the British military cooler than British scientists?

I am sincerely glad for our top-class specialists! Fear NATO! Shiver and smoke on the sidelines!

What a spacious Varshavyanka. The F35 loaded and pulled away. There is also a Britov frigate lying in the hold, the brits are just silent to avoid a scandal

F 35 is far from ours, if only the box friend or foe is of interest.

Again Bashirov and Petrov

he is plastic

The clumsy British military. They will lose all the planes while they are sailing. The Russians can be blamed on everything.

The most famous secret agents Boshirov and Petrov have again noted!
Their training as combat swimmers has been confirmed ... The quality of training has been confirmed by the British Navy.

We must ask Kuzhugetovich: ph knows what, where, and why.

It's all Petrov and Bashirov)))))

A year later, the plane will surface at the Arabs' air show, but with Chinese stars on its wings, and it will cost 2 times cheaper.

Well, don't you know? It was Petrov and Basharov who worked. Well done, however.

Old Man in Minsk planted an F-35 with the help of special services))

Petrov and Bashirov do not burn in fire and do not drown in water.

As they said in my youth, the worst thing for a tank is ten thousand Chinese with wrenches and screwdrivers.

Without Petrov and Bashirov, it was definitely not without!

Who first got up, that and slippers.

They are already in Chechnya, with broken numbers

What, where and when?

Three butts of a Rostof cigarette (underwater version) were scattered near the wreckage, and someone else had put a "heap" in the "canopy" of the cockpit, a monkey wrench with a bent handle was sticking out in the mud a little further away. Who could it be ?! British computers could not give an unambiguous answer - in their opinion there was definitely a left-hander, working with a very accurate instrument and, judging by the analysis of the "heap", suffering from constipation.

Russia hired guest workers and they took the plane apart!


As an object for study, of course, a very interesting target, even in the state in which it was at the bottom.

Look at the nearest scrap metal collection point ...

China stole the wreckage of the F-35 to find out the US air secrets.

The pilots of Her Majesty can immediately be awarded the Order of the Red Star for a successful operation to eliminate a combat aircraft without means of destruction (with one hand)! "For the courage and courage shown in the performance of military duty."

The plane itself crawled away from such owners. Fiends are simple!

What is "whole"? He got under the screws. One mince was scattered with screws.

Unidentified persons disassembled the plane at a depth and took everything they needed :)

And Petrov and Bashirov were just on vacation ... At sea)))

Corn is hot corn !!! F-35 wreckage! Fuselage ailerons Approach-buy

In general, these planes have a dark history. The video shows that the plane is falling, but: it is clearly moving slowly and instead of a canopy of the cockpit there is some kind of box. Maybe the setup - and the dummy was flooded in advance?

Ha ha ha ... Who could it be?!? )))

Why friend? Petrov helped!

Pay a remuneration in the amount of 1/3 of the cost of the raised one (according to Articles 114 of the Merchant Shipping Code and 52 of the Code of Inland Water Transport of the Russian Federation) and take your trash. How much does it cost? 120 million (according to other information, this is a modification of 250 million). A third of this, how much will it be? ... Instruments? What appliances? There was nothing on it ... So, will you pay?

I saw him (F-35) on the next street, he was lying near the container for collecting plastic. Didn't fit ...

Well done Petrov and Boshirov. All the same they dragged the plane away .... It was not in vain that they sat in ambush at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

Someone needs the F-35 like scrap metal.

Roma handed over for scrap metal.

so Basharov can't swim ..

Definitely, Petrov and Bashirov. We spent some time on vacation in Egypt and decided that it is fertile in Africa as well.

Only the Ukrainian special services are capable of carrying out such an operation. What for? Very simple. Will be sold to those who pay more. )))))

Met color dear now

Gypsies? Aliens? Refugees from Africa?

Petrov and Bashirov do not sleep

The plane fell overboard, unable to pick up speed for takeoff. And sank entirely, what debris?

Oh, those curious divers! They took everything away.