The disappearance of the aircraft


Publicized negotiations between the missing airliner and control tower

March 23rd. The Maylaysia government has officially released a recording of the negotiations between the airliner that went missing more than two weeks ago. Peking From Kuala Lumpur with 239 passengers and crew members.

The radio exchange with the control tower did not reveal anything suspicious, more like a series of standard instructions for the pilot. Recall that earlier on the network there was information about that. That the authorities of Malaysia deliberately hide information, but the disclosure of it did not reveal anything.

The communication of the control tower with the missing MH370 airborne aircraft lasted for almost 45 minutes, and during this time the pilots and the dispatcher exchanged only the information necessary for making maneuvers and laying the course, after which the connection with the aircraft disappeared.

00: 36: 30 - Commander of the airliner: "Tower, MH370, good morning." (Airborne aircraft prepare to leave for the take-off strip).

Air Traffic Controller: "Good morning, MH370, Kuala Lumpur Tower, please stay on A 10, 32 right." (The controller of the airport tower Kuala Lumpur gives instructions on occupying the runway)

00: 36: 50 - Commander of the airliner: "And 10, MH370, you understood." (The commander of the aircraft confirms the information received).

00: 38: 43 - Air Traffic Controller: "MH370, please take the executive 32 right from A 10." (The airport dispatcher gives instructions on the possibility of occupying the strip required for take-off).

Commander of the airliner: "Runway 32 right with A 10, you understood." (Crew of the airfare confirms the implementation of instructions).

00: 40: 38 - Air Traffic Controller: “MH370, on RWY 32 right, lane clear, cleared for takeoff. Good night". (The controller gives an indication that the runway of the airfield is free and the crew of the airliner can take off)

Commander of the airliner: "32 right, the band is free, takeoff is allowed, MH370 understood, thank you, goodbye." (The commander of the airlift confirms the instructions for taking off the aircraft).

00: 42: 05 - Commander of the airliner: "MH370, took off". (The commander of the aircraft confirms the successful take-off of the aircraft).

00: 42: 10 - Air Traffic Controller: "MH370, confirm, flight level 180, right turn to the IGARI point". (The airport controller gives instructions on the set of required altitude and taking a course on a certain navigation point).

00: 42: 40 - Commander of the airliner: "Well, the flight level of 180, heading for IGARI, MH370, you understood." (The crew of the airliner confirms the instructions and turns to the specified navigation point).

00: 42: 52 - Air Traffic Controller: “MH370, go with Kuala Lumpur. Radar on 132,6, good night. ” (The dispatcher gives instructions to the aircraft crew about the transition to a new frequency to communicate with the next air traffic controller, due to approaching the border of the current radar).

Commander of the airliner: "132,6, MH370, you understood." (The commander of the aircraft confirms the actions performed and confirms the frequency indicated for communication).

00: 46: 51 - Commander of the airliner: "Kuala Lumpur, MH370." (The commander of the crew checks the connection at the current frequency with the next aircraft tower).

Air Traffic Controller: "MH370, please dial the flight level 250." (The dispatcher gives instructions on how to set the airplane to a new altitude).

00: 46: 54 - Commander of the airliner: "MH370, dial the flight level 250." (The crew confirms the set of required echelon).

00: 50: 06 - Air Traffic Controller: “MH370, dial flight level 350”. (The dispatcher gives instructions on the recruitment of the next echelon 350).

00: 50: 09 - Commander of the airliner: "MH370, Flight Level 350". (Crew produces a set of necessary height and confirms its actions).

01: 01: 14 - Commander of the airliner: "MH370, keep the flight level of 350". (The commander of the airliner confirms the actions that the set of the new altitude specified by the dispatcher is completed).

01: 01: 19 - Air Traffic Controller: "MH370" (The dispatcher confirms the information received by him from the crew of the aircraft).

01: 07: 55 - Commander of the airliner: “MH370, save flight level 350”. (The crew of the aircraft reaffirms the actions performed. This may be motivated by the fact that the aircraft’s course was previously planned at a higher level, however, the option that the aircraft crew did not receive a response from the air traffic controller could be considered.).

01: 08: 00 - Air Traffic Controller: "MH370". (The dispatcher confirms the received information, which means that he does not have any information about a higher level).

01: 19: 24 - Air Traffic Controller: "MH370, please work with Ho Chi Minh City 120,9, good night." (The controller indicates a different frequency of the aircraft tower, since the aircraft is approaching the current action boundary).

01: 19: 29 - Commander of the airliner: "I understand, good night." (The pilots of the airliner confirm the information received, after which they no longer connect).


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