Buk Complex


Ukrainian air defense system Buk, which shot down a passenger airliner over the Donbass, was discovered

The Ukrainian military found the Buk air defense system, which shot down a Malaysian passenger airliner.

A few hours ago, near the Belarusian border, a Ukrainian Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile system was discovered, which, according to witnesses, fired an anti-aircraft missile at a Malaysian passenger airliner, thereby shooting down a Boeing 777 over Donbass. This is evidenced by the tactical number on the combat vehicle - "312".

The transportation of the Buk anti-aircraft missile system near the southern borders of Belarus, near the deployment area of ​​the Russian military who arrived in this country, was accidentally filmed by Ukrainian citizens. The reasons for the deployment of this complex at the Belarusian borders are not named, however, experts do not exclude that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may arrange a provocation, especially given the fact that a large number of aviation assets will be involved in the joint Belarusian-Russian exercises.

It is noteworthy that, according to a number of data, the complex followed in the direction of the Belarusian border just from the Donbass, although earlier the Ukrainian military command stated that there were no complexes with similar tactical numbers in the Donbass.

Why is the US covering up the Ukrainian criminals who intentionally shot down a civilian plane by refusing to provide satellite imagery!?

No, he couldn't hit. He shot down a Su-25, the approach of which was shown on satellite images at a MoD briefing. This is what air traffic controller Carlos confirmed.

The international investigation team worked brilliantly, no matter what was claimed - everything was checked and completely objective conclusions were made, without forcing and hysteria.

Exactly, exactly. You can put your evidence in a folder with similar revelations, for example, those that in the Second World War the Russians did not fight the Reich, since there was no "Russian" front, but there was a Ukrainian one, and not one - which means there were several Ukrainians.

Another fake. What about dryers? Well, you were cracking all day long that the drying machine shot down the plane, until you poked your nose into the beech tree? Like a column of smoke, the video of which has spread all over the Internet, like a recording of a conversation about a downed bird and a completely traced route of a beech?

And the quality was specially worsened or filmed on Siemens 2000))

Hristo Grozev proved that there were three Buk during the MH17 operation, then they were sent to Russia and destroyed along with the crews! So there were four Buk, and maybe five or six! We are on the verge of unraveling the mystery of the 21st century!

"Ukrainian" in the sense of Russian from the military unit near Kursk ?! Quite possibly, only it could be found on the Belarusian side!

Now it's too late to prove anything - the perpetrators have been appointed and the European courts do not know the back door. Immediately it was necessary to investigate in the Russian Federation, and not to carry the wreckage to Holland.

The numbers have long been broken, the cart has been repainted.

no one flies in that area.
So it seems that the Russians, trucks (dhl, fedex, lufthansa cargo) and the Chinese need to tighten up. No one else can be shot down in that zone

Kindergarten. Everyone who is not too lazy for 8 years has been digging up everything they can (and in the case of Russian "analysts, and what is impossible) and no one could find anything, but here, they saw the number and the whole thing was revealed :) Like great scammers were able to deftly deceive the whole world and Russian investigators, but for a stupid number they left and flew in.

at this time, Putin was returning from Europe to Sochi. The shortest route through the territory of Ukraine. It is possible that the relevant authorities, as an option, worked out this route with the Ukrainian authorities.

They are coming from the east where the Donbass is in relation to this village.

What is it? Why not? Soon exercises in Belarus. There will be work. "News" about the new Boeing shot down by the Russians has already been written! )))

They won't put him in jail, but they didn't put Kuchma in prison for the Israeli

Did they really want to shoot down Putin? And so many victims!

Moscow has long ago provided all invoices for the delivery of the beech m-1 complex. To Ukraine.

Interesting. The show goes on ?

The village of Chishki is in the Lviv region. How can they drive from the Donbass?

Oh how embarrassing...

very similar to the truth. The confectioner will be imprisoned for life.

They are going again to create and frame a provocation

It is necessary to send it to the Netherlands for examination, otherwise the number may have been repainted. Yes, and documents on the supply of it to the Armed Forces of Ukraine must be presented.