The position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, from which the experimental self-propelled guns "Bogdan" fired at the island of Zmeiny, was discovered

Specialists discovered the position of the experimental Ukrainian artillery system "Bogdan".

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have only one experimental self-propelled artillery mount "Bogdan", which carried out strikes on Zmeiny Island from a distance of about 38 kilometers. Thanks to the pictures published by the Ukrainian military, it was possible to find the position of the Ukrainian troops already prepared for strikes on the island.

In the photographs provided by the Ukrainian military, you can see that the area completely matches the area on Kubansky Island. The position of Ukrainian troops and self-propelled artillery was equipped at the confluence of the Danube into the Black Sea. Judging by the pictures, the position of the Ukrainian military was prepared in advance - it has already been equipped and, apparently, has been used more than once. This is evidenced by photographs and video frames, where you can see that the time of day of striking and shooting at them is seriously different.

To date, this is the first documentary evidence of the use of the Bogdan experimental self-propelled guns by the Ukrainian military since the start of the SVO, however, experts note that the current armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not give any real effect. Moreover, judging by the video footage published by the Ukrainian military, even at a distance of 38 kilometers, the deviations of the ammunition produced by the Ukrainian self-propelled guns were about 500 meters. This indicates that this weapon, even if it is possible to produce it, is still “raw”.