Chip MH370


The detected fragment of the fuselage belongs to the flight MH370

A fragment of the flap, found on the coast of the French island of Reunion, belongs to the disappeared passenger aircraft.

Currently, experts have no doubt that the flap is a part of the missing one and a half years ago, a passenger airliner Boeing 777 flight MH370. As evidence of this is preserved inscription on the flap with the number belonging to the model Boeing 777.

Experts have already begun to express different hypotheses, in particular, it is believed that the aircraft fell steeply since discovered the flap does not get damaged, which in turn suggests that the aircraft began to fall apart even in the air.

Among other things, it became known news agency, as soon as the search operation will change the sector of the search for possible crash site - experts are convinced that, given the prevailing currents in the Indian Ocean, will be able to establish the approximate location of the airplane.