A signal buoy found near the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline may be a beacon for planting bombs

A signal buoy found on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline could have been used as a beacon for planting bombs.

At the moment, an external examination of the object has made it possible to establish that we are not talking about another improvised explosive device and that it is a signal buoy used to signal or locate ships in the event of a distress call. However, serious suggestions have been made that the signal buoy may have been used as a guide for bombing gas pipelines.

At the moment, it is known that Denmark is preparing an operation to extract this object from the water in order to study it. Moreover, this very fact raised a lot of questions. that the buoy itself is located directly on the gas pipeline. This confirms the version that it was with the help of such a buoy that bombs were laid to blow up the gas pipeline: knowing the location of the buoy, it was possible to drop explosive devices into the water at a precisely marked position.

It is known that the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) invited the company Nord Stream 2 AG, which is the operator of the Nord Stream, to lift the object discovered in the immediate vicinity of the pipeline.


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