An aircraft-26


Crash site of An-26 passenger found - no survivors

Rescuers managed to find the crash site of the An-26 aircraft, which disappeared over Kamchatka.

Rescuers searching for the An-26 plane of Kamchatka Airlines that disappeared from the radar were able to find the crash site of the aircraft. According to preliminary data, all 28 people on board (6 crew members and 22 passengers - editor's note) were killed.

It is known that during the flight on the route Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Palana, the crew of the aircraft suddenly stopped communicating and never arrived at their final destination. Rescuers sent in search ultimately found the plane crash site. The circumstances of the tragedy are still unknown.

Considering the fact that the crew of the An-26 aircraft of Kamchatka Airlines did not report any technical problems on board, the tragedy, apparently, happened very quickly. One of the probable factors is the failure of the control system, however, it will be possible to establish the true details of what happened only after decoding the flight recorders, which are currently being searched by specialists.


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