Crash MH17


Discovered new remains of victims of the disaster MH17

At the crash site MH17 discovered new remains of victims of the disaster.

The remains of the victims of the catastrophe that occurred more than a year ago were found in the vicinity of the settlement of Grabovo, while experts did not rule out that they may belong to two still unidentified individuals out of 298 who died at the crash site.

According to, in the near future, the remains will be transferred to forensic experts who will try to establish their belonging to the victims of the disaster.

Among other things, a few days ago, hundreds of meters from the crash site airliner Boeing 777 was detected and the fuselage of the aircraft at the time, experts from the Netherlands said that all the wreckage of the aircraft are assembled, which suggests the opinion of the incompetence of these specialists, what previously stated by experts from Russia.


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