Fragments of Russian Iskander-M missiles shot down by Azerbaijan have been found.

Azerbaijan announced the discovery of fragments of Russian Iskander-M missiles destroyed by air defense over Karabakh.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said that the Azeri servicemen on the territory of Karabakh discovered the wreckage of the Russian Iskander-M missile system shot down earlier by the Azeri military. According to Aliyev, a corresponding request was sent to the Russian defense department in this regard, however, an official response was never given, in connection with which the Azerbaijani leader was forced to organize a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, since the Iskander-M complexes are in service Armenia is absent, and according to the information of the Armenian military, these weapons were used at all by the Russian troops.

“Then on April 4, our Ministry of Defense wrote an official letter to the Russian Ministry of Defense with photo and video materials confirming the discovery of the missile debris. Nine days have passed, and we have not received an answer, ”said the President of Azerbaijan.

According to Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijan has every reason to believe that the Russian side is behind the launches, but at the moment Baku is awaiting an official response.

According to some information that appeared in local sources of information, in total, two missiles could be fired across the territory of Azerbaijan - both were intercepted by air defense systems in the skies over Karabakh.

5 months were silent after the war and then ...
It seems that this is a reason for the next "round of liberation" ...

The statement about the "wreckage" appeared 5 months later. after the incident and this is in the Small Territory ... !!!!
The question is, either Azerbaijan did not have any information about the launch of the rocket, or was the debris transported from somewhere?
And I remember that Aliyev himself said that there were no Iskander launches.

you. guest, so far from the Iskander topic that you look like a complete layman, you absolutely have no idea what kind of weapon it is, bring up the theory of missile weapons

FEYK azerbaijani

Everything is quite simple: the Turkish barmaley collected the wreckage in Syria, handed it over to the Turks, the Turks handed it over to the Azerbaijanis, and they are making claims to Russia.
But the gentlemen from Azerbaijan, and who shot down a Russian helicopter and who will be responsible for the death of the pilot and the injury of the second?
Shot down from your territory! Aliyev didn’t send an answer! We're waiting for answer.

Why is everyone obsessed with the wreckage? The Poles are out with their Tupolev, the Azerbaijanis are with Iskander. For the downed helicopter half a year, no matter how much you say hello. But this is really a reason to find the wreckage. And they can turn out to be strongly glowing.

The question remains open, did the Arian army even have Iskander?
About myself, I can add that the Armenians would not have shot an expensive rocket at civilian targets, and Russia would not have allowed it - the President of the Russian Federation immediately stated that he recognized the borders according to the UN data and the conflict in Transcaucasia was of little interest. Although they helped to keep 55% of Karabakh for Artsakh.

If Aliyev had the S-300PMU-2 complex, he could shoot down, and the Israeli air defense will not catch up with Iskander flying at a speed of more than 2 km / s

On June 26.06.2015, 200, an Armenian-Russian agreement was signed in Yerevan on “granting an export state loan to the RA government” for XNUMX million dollars. for the purchase of the Iskander shopping mall.
But according to a letter from the Ministry of Finance of Armenia, as of 13.09.2016 200 million dollars. have not been spent. In accordance with Article 2 of the agreement, the use of the credit begins from the moment of delivery of the weapon. (Information from "Armenia Today")
It means that there could be no supplies under the contract, but at the parade the Armenians were carrying something similar, covered with a camouflage net, but it is impossible to determine exactly what kind of model it was.
And what if it was "Elbrus" or even "dot-U"?
It seems that only "Iskander-M" can somehow be distinguished from "Tochka-U" ..., and the rest are similar.

The missiles of the escander that cannot be shot down turns out to be easily lost, it turns out that people are blowing in their ears about an irresistible complex.