Search for a black box


Detect possible signals of the missing Malaysian airliner

April 7. Due to the fact that the phase of the search for the Malaysian aircraft that disappeared about a month ago, together with the crew and 224 people on board, entered underwater search activities, to date, it was possible to find two radio signals at once, which can correspond to the signals of the black box radio beacon.

The first signal was picked up late in the night by Moscow time, and the second after a few hours, however, the distance between the points of possible detection of the crash site is large enough, so that official conclusions can not be reached by any preliminary conclusions.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that the "survivability" the black box is around a few years, the signal from the beacon can come only for a few months, considering that the depth at the site is possible crash can be quite large, there is also the likelihood and that search parties simply can not detect it.


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