KLM Business Class


The updated business class from the leader of passenger traffic KLM.

   Together with Danish top designer Hella Jongrius, the airline KLM, the world leader in the field of air travel, made a complete update of the entire business class in its aircraft. Already, it became possible to enjoy the new interior and increased comfort of a business class on flights of the transnational carrier KLM - Danish Airlines. 

Dzhongerius Hella has developed a draft of new design. Which is designed for increased comfort of business class of aircraft. This is primarily an increase in the space and convenience of chairs as she spoke Hella now Business class passengers will feel like a real home. Developed by color, which the airline uses for its core brand, in the color blue sky.

Also, an innovation is that the seats can be fully extended to a horizontal position, which was not previously envisaged in the layout of KLM aircraft. The airline provided such increased comfort to its passengers as part of the program to improve the comfort of air passenger transportation. The most important point of the innovation is that the cost of a ticket for business class passengers remains at the same level and will not increase.


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