Shot down a drone


Updated: Iran shot down an American drone

Iranian air defense system shot down by an unknown drone.

A few minutes ago it became known that the Iranian air defense system (the name of the anti-aircraft missile system is not specified - approx. Ed.) Destroyed an unknown unmanned aerial vehicle near the city of Bender-Mahshehr. According to preliminary data, the drone could belong to either Israel or the United States, but no official comments have been made on this subject.

According to a number of sources, an unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed around midnight, however, in order to demonstrate the wreckage of a downed drone, Iran announced the destruction of the drone only now.

According to preliminary data, an unknown unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed when entering Iranian airspace - the drone managed to go deep only a few kilometers away, and was instantly destroyed, which indicates the fact that Iran is closely monitoring its airspace.


According to information that has appeared at the moment, we are talking about an unmanned aerial vehicle of the US Navy