The new airport Roshchino


Renovated airport "Roshchino" is planned to open in 2016

New airport "Roshchino"Will open already in 2016 year.

To date, the information resource has learned that all the metal structures necessary for the construction of the new airport are ready for immediate assembly, and with a qualified approach, the new airport can already become available to airlines and passengers starting from the autumn of 2016. The ongoing reconstruction of Roshchino Airport will allow not only to expand the area of ​​the whole complex, but also will enable to take large passenger airliners and large volumes of passengers.

The very process of reconstruction of the airport complex will consist mainly of two main stages - the installation of engineering communications and the construction of the left and right wing of the airport, and in the event that no problems arise, the process of reconstruction will finish in record time.

Updated airport "Roshchino" will be provided with modern equipment to send and receive passenger planes, thus make it attractive for domestic air carriers and foreign airlines.


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