production of aircraft engines


"Oboronprom" will receive from the state over 3 bln. Rubles for the production of aircraft engines

United Industrial Corporation "ObronProm" will receive from the state guarantee amounting to 3,3 billion for the production of aircraft engines.

At the moment we are talking about financing the production of advanced engines PD-10 and PD-14 used by civil aircraft. At present, the scope of application of new engines is not specified, but according to numerous assumptions and a number of facts, they will be intended for Russian aircraft MS-21.

As the management of the OboronProm corporation notes, the first flight tests of aircraft engines should take place by the middle of 2015, and it is assumed that in some cases they will be more effective compared to similar aircraft engines of foreign production.

Yes, it is necessary to maintain, but the players in the clubs of 50 billion. Outbids abroad. There is much to ponder.