SAA News columnist: Israeli fighter jets attacked Syrian Pantsir-S1, Pantsir-S2, Buk-M2E and S-125

Israel was accused of trying to completely suppress the Syrian air defense systems.

After the Syrian army was armed with sufficiently modern and effective air defense systems, the Izaril military aviation lost the ability to successfully carry out attacks and was forced to resort to massive missile launches in order to ensure the destruction of selected targets. However, in recent months, the IDF has been focused on destroying Syrian air defenses, according to a columnist for the Syrian publication Syrian Arab Army News.

According to the Syrian journalist, Israeli attacks were mainly those means that proved to be the most successful in repelling attacks. We are talking, in particular, about the Pantsir-S1 and Pantsir-S2 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems, the S-125 Pechora anti-aircraft missile systems and the Buk-M2E air defense system.

“Israeli attacks on Syria for several months have been focused on the air defense of the Syrian army, especially the Pantsir S1 and Pantsir S2 systems, the Pechora M2, as well as the Buk M2E air defense system”says in communication.

The number of lost air defense systems was not disclosed, but earlier it became known about at least one Pantsir air defense missile system destroyed in the Masyaf area.

The reasons for such attacks are not disclosed, however, experts attribute this either to the upcoming large-scale Israeli attack on Iranian facilities located in the SAR, or to the preparation of a military operation against Iran itself, where Syrian airspace is supposed to be used to launch missiles and fly fighters.


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