Tank Ukraine


OSCE announced the disappearance of 93 Ukrainian tanks in Donbas

93 Ukrainian tanks unexpectedly disappeared in Donbass.

The OSCE Working Group reported that in the framework of the latest observation missions, it was found that at least 93 tanks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces suddenly disappeared from the front-line areas in the Donbas. It was not possible to detect military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine using drones, moreover, we are not talking about the withdrawal of weapons, which does not exclude preparations for new armed clashes.

In total, 121 Ukrainian army tanks and 14 self-propelled artillery units were previously in the frontline areas, however, at the moment, only 28 tanks have been found in the declared positions.

“The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission stated that 28 tanks (T-64) were available, while 14 self-propelled howitzers were missing (2S1 Gvozdika, 122 mm - 6 units, 2S3 Akatsiya, 152 mm - 8 units). and 93 tanks (T-64) ", - said in the OSCE report.

Official Kiev has not yet made any comments on this matter, however, earlier there was information about the intentions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to launch a military operation in the Donbas, including the use of the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack drones.

93 tanks are exactly a regiment. No commander. If there was a commander, it might not have been lost. We need to joke about auctions. Surely all the hardware is already there.

Why am I not surprised by this))

they exchanged them for bacon

They used to ask the Donetsk people where they had gone ...