OSCE gave out to the Armed Forces of Ukraine the positions of DPR and LPR and hid the facts of shelling in reports

The OSCE special mission in Donbass was accused of complicity with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The special monitoring mission of the OSCE, which is engaged in identifying the facts of violations of the Minsk agreements in Donbass, was involved in the complicity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As it turned out, the OSCE representatives not only did not pay attention to the gross violations of the Minsk agreements by the Ukrainian military, not reflecting the facts of violations of the ceasefire, the transfer of military equipment and shelling of civilians, but also actually gave the Ukrainian military the exact coordinates of the positions of the militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics ...

“We know who is executing the criminal order, who is giving it, who is shelling peaceful settlements, but, unfortunately, the impression is that the OSCE does not deliberately indicate this in the reports. If this is not in the OSCE report, then nothing seems to be happening "- said the head of the DPR.

It is noteworthy that something similar was noticed for the OSCE representatives for a long time. In particular, it was previously reported that literally a few hours after the OSCE SMM visits, the DPR position was subjected to heavy shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The OSCE has not yet commented on such accusations, however, most likely, representatives of the LPR and DPR will no longer allow representatives of the special monitoring mission to enter their territory.

Was it not so in Chechnya? There, the Red Cross also noted aiding the militants. Ask the military. They stated this many times back in the mid-90s.

Everyone has known about this for a long time, but things are still there!

There are no independent people and it is better not to have conversations with them.

It has always been. The OSCE uses the fact that the Kremlin is afraid of everything and is slowly betraying the republics of Donbass wherever possible.

And why is he lying again?

spies are subject to the highest degree of social responsibility ...

And you can only say what the owners from Great Britan will tell you (hence your nickname?)

The OSCE does everything that is ordered from Washington.

Yes, no comments, who needs them

And why were they silent before? Did they set their own militias under fire?
"An egg is dear to the day of Christ." Now it's just Blah blah blah ...

It has long been clear that the OSCE is playing on the side of the murderers from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is not clear why they are needed at all, if they do not perform their functions, but simply, in fact, are an enemy spy.

The head of the DPR can only say what the Kremlin tells him.