The Su-25


One Azerbaijani Su-25 destroyed 58 targets in Karabakh

25 stars were placed on the fuselage of the Azerbaijani Su-58, which fought in Karabakh.

During the military exercises "TurAz Şahini-2021", an Azerbaijani Su-25 attack aircraft was seen taking an active part in the armed conflict in Karabakh. As it turned out, the crew of the combat aircraft managed to destroy at least 44 different targets in 58 days of the conflict, as evidenced by the corresponding marks on the fuselage of this combat aircraft.

Sources say that earlier this Azerbaijani attack aircraft took part in attacks on the positions of the forces of Artsakh and Armenia, although during the armed conflict in Karabakh, Azerbaijan did not often use aviation, increasingly using drones for this. Nevertheless, attack aircraft were actively used to destroy the fortifications of the NKR forces, equipment and even areas of air defense means, as evidenced by video footage previously published by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

In the video footage from the exercises "TurAz Şahini-2021", another Azerbaijani attack aircraft was also noticed, which was somewhat less distinguished by the effectiveness of its strikes, since experts counted 38 stars on its fuselage. Moreover, according to sources, these marks also appeared after the participation of a combat aircraft in the 44-day armed conflict in Karabakh.


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