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One of the rarest American military aircraft spotted a few kilometers from the Russian border

One of the rarest US Air Force warplanes has been spotted a few kilometers from the Russian border.

The US military used one of their rarest military reconnaissance aircraft, the Boeing WC-135W, to conduct a reconnaissance mission near the Russian borders. There are only two such aircraft in service with the US Air Force. At the same time, experts drew attention to the rather unusual behavior of this aircraft in the sky over the Baltic.

According to information available to the news agency, the American military reconnaissance aircraft Boeing WC-135W performed strange maneuvers in the skies over the Baltic Sea, as evidenced by its flight path. On a number of assumptions, the US Air Force tried to track the position of Russian submarines in the region. Taking into account the region, the question arises - why was the Boeing WC-135W aircraft involved? Nevertheless, according to InsideOver's assumption, the flight of the Boeing WC-135W could be caused by an incident with the Russian nuclear submarine Orel.

“The US Air Force has two of these, and both are stationed at Offatt Air Force Base in Nebraska. They rarely fly these days. We know that Eagle continues its navigation, so a possible system failure or problems with the reactor could not be so serious that a radiation release occurred. ", - said in the published material.

Earlier, the Swedish side announced a sharp emission of radiation, which was recorded just a few hours after the incident with the nuclear submarine "Orel".


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