One of the most important US allies wants to buy Russian Su-32 fighter-bomber

Russian Su-32 fighter bombers are starting to sell to other countries.

Contrary to the fact that today Su-34 fighter-bomber is considered one of the best combat aircraft in the world, it is planned to start exporting its Su-32 to other countries, including direct US allies.

According to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Jordan, one of the main US allies in the Middle East, began to show special interest in Russian Su-32 fighter-bombers.

“The work is being done with us. Several partners even flew these planes. So we are waiting for decisions, we conduct marketing work. There are applications, - quotes the words of the head of Rosoboronexport, RIA Novosti.

It is noteworthy that Jordan itself has not yet responded to such a statement, but experts believe that these combat aircraft can indeed be very successful around the world, especially after a fairly successful use in Syria.

It is reported that interest in the Russian Su-32 is shown not only by Jordan, but also by a number of other countries, but any details on this score have not yet been voiced.