One Russian attack aircraft scares the whole of Great Britain

The Russian attack aircraft seriously scared the whole of Great Britain.

The latest Russian attack aircraft frightened the British military, who believe that this is the same combat aircraft that can be used by the Russian military in the Third World War - today not only Great Britain, but also other military partners have no means to counter it of this country.

“The Russian military published a video on the frames of which the latest version of the Su-25 attack aircraft, which has already been called the“ flying tank, ”is shown. As the observer of the British publication Naomi Adedokun notes, Russia "is preparing for the third world war." The translation of the article by the British publication is provided by PolitRussia. "The Su-25, known as the" flying tank ", is one of the most used Russian aircraft," writes Daily Express. Video recording made from the cockpit. The shots show how the plane rises into the air for combat maneuvers. The Russian military also demonstrated test weapons. ”, - reports the Russian information publication Nation News.

In fact, the upgraded version of the Su-25SM3 is an improved version of the base version of this combat aircraft, which is capable of inflicting a devastating defeat on the enemy forces in one flight, which has already been repeatedly demonstrated. At the same time, earlier the Russian Su-25 demonstrated incredibly high survivability, surviving after hitting two anti-aircraft missiles at once.

Today, Russia is the only country in the world that continues to modernize assault aircraft.