One high-precision strike by Russia destroyed 12 warehouses with 3 thousand tons of Ukrainian Armed Forces shells

According to the official statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, on September 25 of this year, an air-launched cruise missile carried out a high-precision strike on a large weapons and ammunition depot of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The target of the attack was an object located near the village of Kiselevka, Kherson region.

As a result of the targeted strike and subsequent detonations, 12 hangars were destroyed, which, according to intelligence data, at the time of the attack contained more than three thousand tons of ammunition of various calibers. This incident could have serious consequences for the operational readiness of Ukrainian military units in the region, given the significant losses in ammunition.

The statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense emphasizes the advantages of using high-precision weapons, which make it possible to minimize collateral losses and focus strikes exclusively on military targets. Such tactics are part of a deterrence strategy and demonstrate the Russian Federation's determination to respond to any threats.


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