missiles "Scud"


A simultaneous strike by 11 Soviet Scud missiles destroyed a Saudi Arabian facility

The rebels launched a powerful missile strike at the largest strategic facility in Saudi Arabia.

On the morning of April 15, 2021, it became known that the Yemeni rebels launched a powerful missile strike at the largest strategic facility in Saudi Arabia in the Jizan region. According to the Soha news outlet, the strike was carried out with the use of 11 Soviet tactical ballistic missiles "Scud" (we are probably talking about Iranian copies of Soviet tactical missile systems), as well as an unnamed number of kamikaze drones.

“In the early morning of April 15, 2021, Houthi forces (also known as Ansar Allah) launched a large-scale attack against several Saudi targets. In particular, the Houthis fired a total of 11 tactical missiles and an unnamed number of drones that hit targets in the southern Saudi province of Jizan, ”the Soha news outlet reported.

According to other sources, the Yemeni rebels used Iranian "Badir" and "Sair" missiles, however, there are no official comments on this from the Houthis so far.

According to the voiced data, as a result of a missile strike on a strategic oil refinery, the latter was practically destroyed - part of the infrastructure was completely disabled, as a result of which oil refining and pumping could not be carried out.

the fairy tale will end soon. the best weapon Turkish

Non-oriental tales and Israeli Barak 8.

These Iskanders just didn't explode. Nobody knocked them down.

Scud is the name of the Soviet rocket. Later, they began to call this specifically a modified version used in the Middle East. And a modification is a modification (that is, the presence of an OLD basis is implied, whatever the changes made).

R-17 (missile index 8K14, according to the classification of the US Defense Ministry and NATO SS-1c Scud B, export designation R-300, unofficially "kerosene stove").

It is also interesting that the Chinese praise Scud, and Iskander is grave :)

I agree, I think so too

In "Scud" from the Soviet only the silhouette of the aerodynamic form))
Both Chinese and Iranian engineers "climbed" thoroughly in the Scud prototype ... having converted a tactical missile into an Operational Tactical one ...)))
Another thing surprises, namely - the performance characteristics of the "SCAD" are not very modern, but the vaunted PATRIOT air defense system does not knock them down, namely, it was purchased by the Saudis for air defense, as the main means ...

Soviet missiles of the 50-60s, the Saudis, who have both Patriots and Taads there, were unable to shoot down, since there the Iskanders were able to shoot down the Azeri? Oriental tales from Aliyev?