Missile strike


Simultaneous attack by 270 Russian missiles hit video and delighted the Network

A video of a simultaneous attack by 270 military missiles appeared on the Web.

The simultaneous attack by 270 missiles, which occurred in less than one minute, caused quite a stir on the web, as the attack covered an area of ​​more than 1 square meters. A massive blow, apparently, was inflicted with the use of multiple launch rocket systems "Grad"

In the video footage presented, you can see how nine units of the BM-21 Grad MLRS simultaneously inflict a massive missile attack, covering an area comparable to the area of ​​200 football fields. Taking into account the destructive capabilities of only one complex "Grad", experts express the opinion that not a single whole piece of land remained at the site of the strike.

“Such a blow is very destructive. It is logical to assume that not a stone was left on a stone at the site of the strike, but concentrate enemy forces in this area, for the latter it would result in total and unconditional destruction ", - the expert marks.

"When someone says that Grad is out of date, just show him this video."

"Russians have a mania for destruction"

"To be honest, I'm even scared to watch this video, because the consequences of such blows are incredibly destructive."

“I am delighted with Russian weapons. Bravo!"

It should be noted that the video was posted by the Telegram channel “REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL” and subsequently attracted the attention of the Network, however, where exactly these video frames were made is not specified.

Impressive, of course, but where can this be applied in modern warfare? I understand if the Macedonian phalanx is advancing or there is an accumulation of troops near Borodino or Kursk. But hardly anyone is fighting like that now.

Teachings. Serbia. Video from tg channel Military informant or operational line.