Strike Tornado-G


Simultaneous strike by 3 Tornado-G launchers caught on video

A simultaneous strike by three Tornado-G installations at once was caught on video.

A unique video has appeared on the Web, which captures the strikes by three Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems at once. Multiple rocket launchers delivered a massive blow to the disposition of enemy forces, firing about 10 122-mm rocket launchers. shells, which made it possible to cover a huge area.

On the presented video frames, you can see that at least 5 Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems are located in the combat position. However, the fire is carried out only by three installations with an incomplete consumption of ammunition. This indicates that the strikes were probably targeted, although a huge area was covered. According to the journalists of the Russkaya Vesna publication, strikes were carried out on Liman, however, there is no official confirmation of this information.

How many ammunition was fired remains unknown, however, it is estimated that we are talking about 30 rockets. Moreover, judging by the elevation angle of the launchers themselves, the fire was fired at a fairly large distance.

According to some information, the events presented on the video footage took place several days ago - we are talking about artillery preparation before the attack on Liman.