A simultaneous strike by the Russian Aerospace Forces with four gliding bombs was caught on video

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation actively use aerial bombs equipped with a unified planning and correction module (UMPC) in the special military operation zone. This allows you to strike at enemy targets, bypassing the area of ​​their air defense.

The Ukrainian side expresses serious concern about Russia’s use of these aerial bombs, since their use significantly increases the effectiveness and accuracy of air strikes.

Footage appeared on the Internet showing four FAB-500M62 UMPK aerial bombs in a salvo. According to reports from war correspondents, in the near future aircraft will be able to transport six such bombs, which indicates mass production of standardized modules. This suggests that the number of such aerial bombs in the arsenal of the Russian Aerospace Forces will increase.

The use of several air bombs with UMPC at the same time significantly increases the effectiveness of air strikes, allowing you to hit several important enemy targets in one salvo.


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