"The pilot is definitely to blame": the pilot of the Su-27 crashed in the Black Sea was accused of irresponsibility

The pilot of the crashed Su-27 fighter was accused of the tragedy.

Hero of Russia, test pilot Magomed Tolboev, accused the Russian pilot of a disaster involving a Su-27 fighter in the Black Sea, saying that his actions were completely irresponsible and that they led to a sad outcome.

“Hero of Russia, test pilot Magomed Tolboev called the human factor a possible cause of the crash of the Russian Su-27 military aircraft in the Black Sea. "This Black Sea swallowed a lot of planes, because people who fly at night and have no experience begin to fly above water. And above water, that sky, that sea, look the same - stars sparkle there and sparkle there," he noted. According to Tolboev, “the Su-27 cannot refuse, it cannot fail, only the one sitting in the cockpit can bring it” ”- приводит the words of Tolboev edition of "Moscow 24".

The statement of test pilot Magomed Tolboev caused a lot of controversy among experts, especially against the background of the fact that the investigation of the tragedy had only just begun, and therefore it was completely unprofessional to draw conclusions about whether the pilot was to blame or the technology was to blame.

“Tolboev draws conclusions based on some of his opinions. On the basis of which rash conclusions were made that the Su-27 cannot fail if there are certain authentic cases when the plane simply became uncontrollable? ”, - the expert marks.