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A huge military base of the Russian military appeared in Libya - its size is striking

A huge base has appeared in Libya, on which up to 1,5 thousand Russian troops can be located.

Turkish media have released satellite images of a military base in Libya, allegedly owned by the Russian military. We are talking about a huge outpost, and although, apparently, one should mean not the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, but members of PMCs, up to 1,5-2 thousand people can be accommodated on the territory of the base.

On the presented satellite image you can see a fortification large in its area. In what part of Libya it is located - the Turkish media do not report, however, obviously, we are talking about one of the regions of the country controlled by the Haftar army.

It is noteworthy that other erected military bases and fortified military posts were found on the territory of Libya, which indicates that the Libyan National Army is preparing for a likely new aggravation of the situation in the country, especially against the background of the pulling together of Turkish weapons to Libya, which are being transferred to the Government forces. national unity

Earlier, the American media reported that up to 3 thousand Russian mercenaries may be on the territory of Libya, however, this information has not been officially confirmed.

On a scale to the road - a little bigger than a football field

Strange: "Huge base", but no coordinates. from whom are the Turks hiding from us, from Russia? "It's strange, it's strange ..."



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