Military field camp


A huge field camp of the RF Armed Forces on the border of Belarus and Ukraine was captured from the satellite

The huge field camp of Russian troops on the border of Ukraine and Belarus was captured on satellite images.

The field camp of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, located in the Yelnya region, has acquired colossal dimensions, which was assessed by satellite imagery. On the territory of this field camp alone, located not far from the border of neighboring Belarus and Ukraine, there are about a thousand units of various military equipment, not to mention several tens of thousands of Russian servicemen.

Satellite data show that the size of the Russian military field camp has grown significantly over the past few weeks. In this case, we are talking about several hundred heavy tanks, hundreds of artillery units, military trucks, light armored vehicles, etc.

Taking into account the data provided by Western information sources, at the moment in the immediate vicinity of the borders of Ukraine there may be up to 175 thousand Russian servicemen. This is significantly more than the Ukrainian forces deployed in Donbass. However, contrary to the accusations of the West, the Russian military does not show any aggression against Ukraine, and the large concentration of forces is due to the fact that, in fact, the school year in the Russian army begins in December.

GCD ultra-right why are you here?

GCD ultra-right why are you here?

I did not see any evidence that the camp exists, that it is the Russian military. Some vague photos taken from an unknown location and unknown when.

Right!!! We are peaceful people, but our armored train is on a side track !!!!

they will not be there. found everything in the military and the mines

Why are there no such wonderful detailed pictures from the zone of the armed conflict in Donbass, in which the "Russian invaders" have been wandering drunk for the 8th year in the field camp between tents and field kitchens, waiting for a team to start nightmares of poor civilians

Yelnya of the Smolensk region from the common junction of the borders of Ukraine-Belarus-Russia is located x ... (I translate from the abusive - for a huge amount) km. The author apparently has really big problems with geography. For the smallest thing, let's say ...

Those who published the pictures had problems with geography at school along the way. There is no point in expressing anything else ...

after the words about heavy tanks, you don't have to read further.

Didn't even draw a binding to coordinates in the corner)))

Maybe they want to ruin us so. The budget is not rubber. Technique so to drive

On a computer, you can draw something different, artists.

Winter. Tents and mock-ups of equipment can be sculpted directly from the snow.

Yelnya is the Smolensk region, to Ukraine in a straight line 250 km through the territory of Belarus.

Yeah, where is Yelnya and where is the border ...

They look like garages. The "private" company could not find a better lens for a satellite ... Hehe ...

ELNYA is a city in the Smolensk region. you shouldn't lie about the border of Belarus and Ukraine!

And if they strike a preemptive strike?