A huge fire aboard the only Russian aircraft carrier - dozens of people were injured. Video

The Russian aircraft carrier cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov was nearly destroyed by fire.

A few hours ago aboard the Russian heavy aircraft cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" there was a powerful fire - the area of ​​more than 600 was covered by fire, and according to other sources, more than 800 square meters. As a result of the fire, which arose due to the human factor, at least 12 people were injured, while three missing persons, which, it is possible, could simply die, are reported.

“The number of victims of the fire on the aircraft carrier“ Admiral Kuznetsov ”increased to 12 people. Three more people are missing ”- reports.

According to preliminary information, the fire occurred as a result of serious violations of safety rules during welding, in particular, it is reported that a spark fell on fuel oil in the hold, which led to a severe fire.

According to some sources, the struggle for the survivability of the Russian aircraft carrier, which, by the way, is the only one in service with Russia, continues to this day, while experts believe that a severe fire could destroy several partitions, and therefore the introduction of the Admiral aircraft carrier Kuznetsov ”in operation may be delayed for several more years.

This is not an aircraft carrier. Everything has the correct name and use!