Hunting of the Russian Aerospace Forces helicopter for ISIS terrorists hit the video

Russian helicopters began hunting ISIS terrorists in central Syria.

The hunt of the Russian Mi-24 helicopter for terrorists of the "Islamic State" ("ISIS", a terrorist group officially banned in Russia - ed.), In the central part of Syria was caught on video. The special operation of the Russian military is associated with a series of terrorist attacks on the Syrian military, while in the past few weeks alone, the joint efforts of the Russian and Syrian military personnel have managed to eliminate several dozen terrorists.

In the video footage presented, you can see how a Russian combat vehicle is flying at an ultra-low altitude over one of the highways, controlling security in this area, simultaneously tracking down the likely movement of militants, who, by the way, according to the most conservative estimates, are located in the central part of the SAR thousands.

In total, about a thousand Syrian and Russian servicemen are participating in the special operation against the terrorists of the "Islamic State", intending to completely destroy the militants in the desert regions to gain control over the central part of Syria, probably with the aim of subsequently squeezing the American military out of the eastern part of the Arab republic.

Glory to Soviet and Russian pilots !!!