Surrounded by Turkish military under threat of execution banned from surrendering to the Syrian army

The Turkish troops, who were besieged by the Syrian military, were forbidden to surrender under the threat of execution.

About a day ago, the Syrian military completely liberated the northern part of the province of Hama, besieging a large group of Turkish troops. As it turned out, the Turkish military command forbade its military to leave the observation post and surrender to the Syrian army under the threat of execution.

“Any attempt to leave the observation post is execution. So in Turkey they take care of their military ", - one of the Syrian servicemen declares with social networks.

Earlier in Ankara, it was announced that Turkish soldiers would not leave the observation post near the settlement of Morek, even despite being surrounded by the Syrian army and the lack of provisions. Obviously, this is confirmed by the fact that the Syrian military allowed the Turkish troops to leave their posts exclusively without weapons and equipment.

“Erdogan and his entourage are well aware that surrender to the Syrian military will seriously shake his position on the world stage and lead to ridicule. Nevertheless, Russia supports Assad and therefore, Ankara, most likely, will have to conclude an agreement on surrender in Moreka. ”, - the analyst notes.

And Erdogan "does not guess" to consider the option of withdrawing his observation post? This would be consistent with "cooperation" with Russia and international law, as Turkish troops illegally, without declaring war, are in Syria. In this case, nothing threatens his “face”!

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