“It can hit a target somewhere in Moscow”: Scholz explained why he is not transferring Taurus missiles to Kyiv

The head of the German government, Olaf Scholz, expressed his position regarding the non-supply of long-range Taurus air-launched cruise missiles to Ukraine. During a meeting with residents of Dresden, he emphasized that Germany does not seek to become a direct participant in the Ukrainian conflict and that is why Berlin is refraining from providing Kyiv with these missiles.

The Chancellor sees the main danger as the potential use of these missiles to strike Moscow, given their range of 500 kilometers.

“The range of Taurus missiles is 500 kilometers, it can hit a target somewhere in Moscow”Scholz said.

Scholz clarified that it is impossible to guarantee that missiles will not be directed against the Russian capital without direct control by the German military. However, the deployment of the Bundeswehr in Ukraine would lead to the direct involvement of Germany in hostilities, which is categorically unacceptable for Berlin.


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