UN: The conflict in Syria can only be resolved with the withdrawal of US and Turkish troops

The UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen, spoke on Sunday about the resolution of the Syrian conflict, saying it was necessary to discuss issues related to the presence of foreign military forces in the country, as well as other key aspects. Pedersen stressed that in order to resolve the conflict in Syria, it is important to consider issues related to the withdrawal of Turkish and American troops from Syria, the situation of Kurdish forces and existing sanctions.

“To resolve the conflict in Syria, it is necessary to raise a number of issues, including raising the issue of the withdrawal of Turkish and American troops, the issue of Kurdish forces, and sanctions.”, Pedersen noted.

He also noted that a new approach is required from both the opposition and the Syrian government to resolve this conflict, which is currently somewhat frozen. These statements by Pedersen highlight the complexity of the situation in Syria and the need for international dialogue to achieve a sustainable peaceful solution.


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